How Well Do You Know Juliette Gordon Low?

What is Juliette Low's nickname? [Daisy]

Juliette Low was impaired in which one of her senses? [hearing]

What piece of jewelry did Juliette sell to raise money for Girl Scouting? [pearls]

Juliette Low Loved to tell [stories]

Juliette would rescue [stray animals]

Juliette Low was buried in her [Girl Scout uniform]

Juliette Low once said, "Ours is a circle of [friends] united by ideals"

She shares her birthday with what holiday? [Halloween]

What did Juliette do every year on her birthday? [did a headstand]

What is Juliette Low's maiden name? [Gordon]

Do You Know This About Girl Scouts?

What was Girl Scouting originally called? [Girl Guides]

What state was Girl Scouting founded? [Georgia]

What city had the first registered council? [Toledo, Ohio]

Juliette Gordon Low Trail